Food allergens in individual dishes on the menu are identified by the letter A and the corresponding number from the list of food allergens, which can be found at the end of this menu.

Papadums (Crispy bread)


1. Traditional Papadum

A12 20,- 

2. Spicy Papadum 

A12 20,-

Chutney (very thick sauce with fruit, vegetables and spices)


3. Chutney with pickled vegetable

A12 35,- 

4. Special Chutney sweet mango

A12 35,- 

5. Chutney mint-yoghurt

A7, A12 25,- 

6. Spicy-mint chutney

A12 35,-



7. Daal (lentil soup) 

A12 65,-
Lentil soup with lemon and garlic     

8. Murgh shoubra (chicken soup)

A7, A12 75,- 
Chicken soup with carrot and spices    



9. Onion Bhajee

A1, A3, A7, A12 65,- 
Fried onions with lentils, eggs, and chickpea flour    

10. Vegetable Samosa (100 g)

A1, A7, A12 70,- 
Raviolis stuffed with mixed vegetables with Indian spices    

11. Meat Samosa (100 g)

A1, A7, A12 85,- 
Ravioli stuffed with minced meat with Bengal spices    

12. Shrimp Poori (100 g)

A1, A2, A7, A12 125,- 
Shrimp served on fried bread. - Slightly hot!    

13. Paneer Pakora (Homemade cheese - 5 pcs) 

A1, A3, A7, A12 75,- 
Fried homemade cheese with spices    

14. Beguni (100 g) 

A7, A12 85,- 
Fried eggplant with the Bengal Spice    

15. Keema Paratha (150 g)

A7, A12 85,- 
Indian bread stuffed with spicy meat mixture    

16. Chicken Tikka (80 g)

A7, A12 95,- 
Pieces of marinated chicken grilled in tandoori oven    

Recommended mixed starters


17. Mixed vegetable starters (for 2 persons)

•Onion Bhajee A1, A3, A7, A12
•Shingara Vegetable A1, A7, A12
•Vegetable Pakora A7, A12
18. Mixed starters (for 2 persons)   305,-
•Chicken Tikka A7, A12
•Meat Samosa  A1, A7, A12
•Onion Bhajee  A1, A3, A7, A12
•Shingara Vegetable A1, A3, A7, A12

19. Mixed starters (for 4 persons)

•Shish Kebab A7, A12
•Chicken Tikka A7, A12
•Chicken Pakora A1, A7, A12
•Onion Bhajee  A1, A3, A7, A12
•Shingara Vegetable A1, A7, A12

Curry House specialties


20. Menu for 2 person

• Mix Papadums with Chutney (A12)  A12  
Mix starters    
•Onion Bhajee A1, A3, A7, A12
•Chicken Tikka A7, A12
•Shish Kebab A7, A12
•Vegetable Salad A12  
Main Dish    
•Beef Madras A12  
•Basmati plain rice A12  
•Curry Chicken A7, A12
•Nan Bread A1, A3, A7, A12
•Mix Vegetable A7, A12
•Raita (Spicy Yogurt)  A7, A12
•Rosso Gullah (Homemade Curd) A7, A12

21. Vegetarian delight for 2 persons

•Mix Papadums with Chutney A12  
Mix starters    
•Vegetable samosa  A1, A7, A12
•Vegetable pakora  A1, A7, A12
•Onion bhajee  A1, A3, A7, A12
•Sobjee salad (Vegetable Salad)  A12  
Main Dish    
•Vegetable curry  A7, A12
•White basmati rice A12  
•Saag paneer (cheese with spinach) A7, A12
•Chapati (wheat pancake) A1, A12
•Cauliflower bhajee A12  
•Raita (Spicy yogurt) A7, A12
•Kheer (Rice pudding) A7, A8, A12

22. Menu for 4 persons

•Mix Papadums with Chutney A12  
Mix starters    
•Onion Bajee  A1, A3, A7, A12
•Chicken Pakora  A1, A7, A12
•Vegetable Samosa  A1, A7, A12
•Chicken Tikka  A7, A12
•Shish Kebab  A7, A12
•Vegetable Salad A12  
Main Dish    
•Chicken Korma A7, A8, A12
•Aloo Mator (potatoes with peas)  A12  
•Beef Madras A12  
•Pilau rice (basmati rice color)  A12  
•Lamb Korai A12  
•Nan Bread A1, A3, A7, A12
•Saag Bhajee (Spinach Bhajee)  A7, A12
•Raita (Spicy yogurt) A7, A12
•Kheer (Rice pudding) A7, A8, A12

Chef’s specialities


 23. Butter chicken (150 g)

A7, A12 235,- 
Grilled chicken marinated in a slightly spicy, delicious taste tomato-butter sauce  

24. Rogon Josh (150 g)

A7, A8, A12 275,- 
Delicate lamb, cooked in a delicious sauce, which is based on tomatoes, ginger and aromatic spices

25. Losos Makhani (150 g

A4, A7, A12 295,-
Grilled salmon, marinated in a slightly spicy tomato-butter sauce, delicious taste  

Dansak (150g)

Sauce made of lentils, seasoned with Bengal spices. The food is sweet and sour flavors. Moderate hot!

26. Chicken Dansak

A12 215,- 

27. Beef Dansak

A12 245,- 

28. Lamb Dansak 

A12 275,- 

29. Prawn Dansak 

A2, A12 255,- 

Rezela (Bangladeshi dish) (150 g)

Thickened sauce with fried onions, yogurt, garlic-ginger paste and Bengali spices. - Moderate hot!

30. Chicken Rezela

A7, A8, A12 225,- 

31. Lamb Rezela

A7, A8, A12 275,- 

32. Prawn Rezela 

A2, A7, A8, A12 265,- 

33. Cheese Rezela 

A7, A8, A12 195,-

Another specialty of chef


34. Chickpeas with lamb (150g)

A12 275,- 
Halved chickpeas with lamb meat, cooked in tomato sauce with oriental spices Moderate hot! 

35. Bangladeshi mach (Bengali delicacy fish - carp) (150g)

A4, A12 285,- 
Dense spicy sauce with fried onions, garlic-ginger paste, cooked with fresh tomatoes and chilly Bengal - Moderate hot!   

36. Malai Kofta

A7, A8, A12 215,-
Mashed potatoes and lightly spiced cottage cheese balls, golden fried, dense and fine coconut sauce

Tandoori dishes


 37. Tandoori chicken (300 g)

A7, A12 215,- 
Chicken thighs marinated in a sauce of yogurt and various spices, grilled in tandoor oven

38. Chicken Tikka  (150 g)

A7, A12 220,- 
Chicken breast marinated in a delicate blend of Indian spices, grilled in tandoor oven

39. Lamb Tikka (150 g)

A7, A12 295,- 
Pieces of lamb fillet, marinated and grilled in tandoori oven    

40. Salmon tikka (150 g)

A4, A7, A12 315,- 
Salmon marinated and grilled in tandori oven    

41. Shish Kebab (150 g)

A7, A12 205,- 
Minced meat with exotic spices, cooked in tandoori oven    

42. Shaslic – chicken (150 g)

A7, A12 255,- 
Marinated chicken grilled with onions, tomatoes and peppers    

43. Shaslic – lamb (150 g)

A7, A12 325,- 
Marinated lamb grilled with onions, tomatoes and peppers     

44. Mixed Tandoori dishes (300 g)

A7, A12 395,- 
Selection of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, sis kebab and lamb tikka     

45. Tandoori - King Prawns (200 g)

A2, A7, A12 495,-
Bengali “BLACK TIGER” prawns marinated in a sauce of yogurt with Bengali spices, grilled in tandoori oven
Curry dishes    

Curry (150g)

Medium-dense curry sauce and a range of oriental spices. - Slightly hot!    

46. Chicken Curry

A7, A12 175,- 

47. Beef Curry

A7, A12 185,- 

48. Lamb Curry

A7, A12 255,- 

49. Prawn Curry 

A2, A7, A12 225,- 

50. Vegetable Curry 

A7, A12 165,- 

Madras (150 g)

Popular sauce of curry, chilli, lemon and tomato juice. - Moderate hot!    

51. Chicken Madras 

A12 185,- 

52. Beef Madras 

A12 190,- 

53. Lamb Madras

A12 245,- 

54. Prawn Madras

A2, A12 235,- 

55. Vegetable Madras

A12 175,- 

Vindaloo (150 g)

Dish with curry, Bengal chilli, chopped potatoes and Indian spices. - Very hot !  

56. Chicken Vindaloo

A12 195,- 

57. Beef Vindaloo

A12 205,- 

58. Lamb Vindaloo 

A12 275,- 

59. Prawn Vindaloo

A2, A12 255,- 

60. Vegetable Vindaloo

A12 185,- 

Phall (150 g)

Dish cooked in curry and a variety of chilli spices. - Extremely hot!    

61. Chicken Phall

A12 205,- 

62. Beef Phall

A12 215,- 

63. Lamb Phall

A12 295,- 

64. Prawn Phall

A2, A12 265,- 

65. Vegetable Phall 

A12 195,- 

66. King Prawn Phall

A2, A12 415,-

Another specialties of the Bangladeshi cuisine


Palak (150 g)

Spinach cooked with onions, garlic, ginger and Indian spices. Slightly hot!

67. Chicken Palak

A12 185,- 

68. Beef Palak

A12 205,- 

69. Lamb Palak

A12 265,- 

70. Prawn Palak

A2, A12 245,- 

71. Vegetable Palak 

A12 155,- 

Jalfrasie (150 g)

Spicy ginger sauce, onion, peppers and chilli peppers Bengal. Moderate hot!  

72. Chicken Jalfrasie

A7, A12 215,- 

73. Beef Jalfrasie

A7, A12 225,- 

74. Lamb Jalfrasie 

A7, A12 285,- 

75. Prawn Jalfrasie

A2, A7, A12 245,- 

76. Vegetable Jalfrasie

A7, A12 195,- 

77. King Prawn Jalfrasie

A2, A7, A12 410,- 

78. Salmon Jalfrasie

A2, A4, A7, A12 295,- 

Masala dishes (150 g)


79. Chicken Tikka Masala

A7, A8, A12 255,- 
Grilled chicken tikka in a special sauce with butter, cream, coconut and almonds  

80. Lamb Tikka Masala

A7, A8, A12 295,-
Grilled lamb tikka in a special saucewith butter, cream, coconut and almonds  

81. Salmon tikka masala

A4, A7, A8, A12 325,- 
Grilled salmon tikka in a special saucewith butter, cream, coconut and almondsi  

Shai korma dishes (150 g)

Coconut sauce with almonds, raisins, butter and ginger. Sweet food with fine taste  

82. Chicken Korma

A7, A8, A12 185,- 

83. Beef Korma 

A7, A8, A12 195,- 

84. Lamb Korma

A7, A8, A12 285,- 

85. Prawn Korma 

A2, A7, A8, A12 240,- 

86. Vegetable Korma 

A7, A8, A12 175,- 

87. King Prawn Korma 

A2, A7, A8, A12 410,-

Korai dishes ( 150 g)

Thickened sauce with onions, peppers and fresh tomatoes. - Moderate hot!  

88. Chicken Korai

A12 185,- 

89. Beef Korai

A12 195,- 

90. Lamb Korai

A12 245,- 

91. Paneer Korai (Cheese)

A7, A12 180,- 

92. Prawn Korai

A2, A12 225,- 

93. King Prawn Korai 

A2, A12 395,-

94. Salmon korai 

A4, A7, A12 295,-

Biryani dishes   (250 g)

Especially fried basmati rice with nuts and mild spices, served with raita    

95. Chicken Biryani

A7, A8, A12 205,- 

96. Chicken Tikka Biryani

A7, A8, A12 245,- 

97. Beef Biryani

A7, A8, A12 235,- 

98. Lamb Biryani 

A7, A8, A12 265,- 

99. Lamb Tikka Biryani

A7, A8, A12 285,- 

100. Prawn Biryani

A2, A7, A8, A12 255,- 

101. King Prawn Biryani 

A2, A7, A8, A12 415,- 

102. Mushroom Biryani 

A7, A8, A12 185,-   

103. Vegetable Biryani 

A7, A8, A12 195,-

Vegetarian side dishes


105. Sobjee Bhajee

A12 135,- 
Mixed vegetables with onions and special spices     

105. Bhindi bhajee

A12 195,-
Excellent as spicy supplement    

106. Aloo Gobi

A12 155,- 
Potatoes with cauliflower and exotic spices     

107. Saag aloo

A12 155,-
Gently spiced potatoes with spinach    

108. Saag Paneer

Homemade cheese with spinach and spices A7, A12 160,- 

109. Matter Paneer

A7, A12 155,-
Homemade cheese with peas and exotic spices    

110. Dall Tarka

A12 145,- 
Slightly spicy sauce of orange lenses    

111. Dall Chana (Chickpea lens)

A12 165,- 
Gently spicy sauce made from chickpea lenses    

112. Gobi Bhajee

A12 145,- 
Cauliflower with tomatoes and spices    

113. Masaruma

A12 135,- 
Mushroom with Indian spices    

114. Saag Bhajee

A12 135,- 
Spinach with Indian spices, fried garlic    

115. Begun Bhajee

A12 155,- 
Eggplant with Bengali spices     

116. Sobjee salad

A12 95,- 
Fresh vegetables with Bengali spices     

117. Raita

A7, A12 35,-
Spicy yogurt with fresh vegetables    

Basmati rice


118. Plain Rice 

A12 45,- 

119. Rice gently spicy 

A12 60,- 

120. Special Fried Rice

Coloured basmati rice with egg and peas  A3, A12 75,- 

121. Mushroom Rice

Coloured basmati rice with mushrooms and spices A12 75,- 

122. Kaju Rice

Coloured basmati rice with sesame seeds and cashews A8, A11, A12 85,- 

123. Jeera Rice

A12 70,-
Coloured basmati rice with cumin and coriander    

Bread (contains wheat flour)


124. Plain Nan

A1, A3, A7, A12  45,- 
Soft bread, baked in Tandoor Oven    

125. Garlic Nan

A1, A3, A7, A12 60,- 
Garlic bread, baked in Tandoor Oven     

126. Garlic Nan with chilli

A1, A3, A7, A12 65,- 
Garlic bread with chilli, baked in Tandoor Oven    

127. Peshwari Nan

A1, A3, A7, A8, A12 60,-
Sweet indian bread, filled with coconut and raisins    

128. Butter Nan

A1, A3, A7, A12 55,- 
Cheese bread, baked on butter in Tandoor oven    

129. Cheese Nan

A1, A3, A7, A12 55,- 
Cheese bread, baked in Tandoor oven    

130. Chapati

A1, A12 30,- 
Typical indian bread    

131. Plain Paratha

A1, A7, A12  65,-
Fried layered wheat indian bread with butter    

132. Paratha Aloo

A1, A7, A12 80,- 
Filled with smashed potatoes and fresh coriander    

133. Tandoori rooti

A1, A12 40,-
A traditional Indian flat bread baked in a tandoor oven    



 134. Rosso Gullah

A7, A12 85,- 
Home made cottage cheese served with sweet syrup    

135. Kulfi (ice-cream)

Home made Ice-Cream with almonds, pistachio and mango flavor A7, A8, A12 95,-  

136. Kheer (rice pudding)

Traditional sweet Indian dessert made from rice, cream  and pistachio nuts A7, A8, A12 95,-

Complete list of allergens

List of food allergens, which are subject to legislative labeling according to EU Directive 1169/11

1) Cereals containing gluten and products made from them (not celiac disease)
2) Crustaceans and products thereof
3) Eggs and products thereof
4) Fish and products thereof
5) Groundnuts (peanuts) and products thereof
6) Soybeans (soya) and products thereof
7) Milk and dairy products
8) Nuts and products nich
9) Celery and products thereof
10) Mustard and products thereof
11) Sesame seeds and products thereof
12) Sulphur dioxide and sulphites in concentrations higher than 10 mg / kg or 10 mg / l expressed as total SO2
13) Lupin and articles thereof
14) Molluscs and products thereof

Allergens in individual dishes on the menu are identified by the letter A and the corresponding number from the list of food allergens